Stemwerk gaat over de stem, de natuurlijke en primitieve stem, en over... zijn.

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He is as pure a source of voice as any I have encountered since
my experiences with Roy and the Roy Hart Theatre.

Jonathan Hart(Roy Hart International Theatre)

A wonderful and enlightening workshop for anybody who is interested in the voice. I recommend it heartily.

Kristin Linklater(Head Theater-department Columbia University NYC)

This work is to be considered groundbreaking in the fields of health, psychology and in the theatre and I highly recommend it. I am impressed with Jean-René’s theories and their practical applications and find this work to be some of the most challenging and illuminating work with the voice I have ever found.

Paula Langton(Head of Voice & Speech Boston University for the Arts)

Jean-René's work is not centered on making pretty voices nor is it simply training for artists. It is instead a deeply personal work on accessing more of oneself, through the voice. It is work for everyone.

Vernice Miller(artist, ALATetc artistic Director / NYC)

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