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You will find under, all the necessary information concerning this weekend


February 2019  16th-17st

workshop ‘ Being instead of Doing”  

The workshop will take place in our studio in Rotterdam. 

Our studio in Rotterdam is situated between EuroMast and the historical Delfshaven,

the address is: Willem Buytewechstraat 65 b (2) metro Coolhaven (reachable in 20 minutes from Rotterdam CS or 10 minutes from Schiedam Centrum station by metro). 

The metro station Coolhaven is reachable from the Central Station of Rotterdam by metro (Lines D or E, directions Slinge or De Akkers, change at station Beurs then taking line direction Slinge stepping out in Coolhaven. Coolhaven is also directly reachable from Schiedam Centrum station (NS and metro) lines A, B ou C

I inform you that it happens often that NS will be working on the lines around Rotterdam during the weekend and particularly in Winter time. I invite you, if ever you will use the train, to check the website to have details of the possible delays. In case of problems, my phone number is 06 52840788.

The weekend will propose you an intensive, creative and pleasurable workshop around voice, body, movement, emotions and expression and is designed as a Beginner’s course as well than for any advanced performer considering the particular characteristics of our work...... « known », considering certain commun points with the work of Jerzy Grotowski but mainly grounded in 10 years of research with deaf adults and children. We will develop absolutely the most important aspects of our work.  

therefore the subjects approached will be:

    -    Listening with the all body

    -    Vertical Voice / Horizontal Voice

    -    Emotions and motion

    -    Physical, emotional, vocal and creative dialog

    -    Taking support (ground, room, peoples)

    -    Surrendering, losing control

    -    Being instead of Doing


It is preferable to be dressed easily (style sport or yoga), also, we cannot enter the studio with street shoes (inside shoes, socks off or on are ok).


The total cost of the workshop is 200,00€. (Including tea, coffee water and some cookies)

You will be fully registered after you paid the registration fee of 50,00€ or the total fee of 200,00€.

(transfert to ING Bank: Jean-René Toussaint - IBAN: NL45INGB0679838163)

I thank you to pay the sold of the workshop (150,00€), the Saturday morning, before beginning the work, cash ( contant...please - no ATM at proximity ) or to transfert to ING Bank: Jean-René Toussaint - IBAN: NL45INGB0679838163 before the weekend. 

An invoice will be delivered at the start of the weekend. 


There are often enough place for parking (but the Saturday (until 18:00 it is paying, while being free the all Sunday). The paiement is done by using any credit, debit or bank card with parking devices.

Schedule : 

Saturday / Sunday 10:00 - 18:00 

(with one hour lunch pause around 13:30, lunches not included in price)

A supermarket is open 200 meters from the studio and a nice café/restaurant (De Machinist) is 50 meters further.

Possibility of night stay and use of the studio with basic accommodations (Mattresses, Fridge, Micro-Wave, coffee machine, water boiler, dishes, bath room with WC and shower) for the cost of 20,00€ per night. (You are invited to take one own sheet or sleeping bag). 

It will be possible afterwards to pursue that work in a variety of ways:

  More workshops

  Possibility of private lessons

  Special workshops for educators and teachers

  Education for therapists, teachers and coaches and people just interested in the voice and in their own development.

More questions or information by email to Jean-Rene Toussaint at: or

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