Quotes over stemwerk en jean-Rene toussaint


Jonathan Hart (Roy Hart International Theatre)

“He is as pure a source of voice as any I have encountered since

my experiences with Roy and the Roy Hart Theatre”.


Kristin Linklater (Head Theater-department Columbia University NYC)

“A wonderful and enlightening workshop for anybody who is interested in the voice. I recommend it heartily”.


Paula Langton (Head of Voice & Speech Boston University for the Arts)

“This work is to be considered groundbreaking in the fields of health, psychology and in the theatre and I highly recommend it. I am impressed with Jean-René’s theories and their practical applications and find this work to be some of the most challenging and illuminating work with the voice I have ever found”.

Manfred van Doorn (Anthroposophist, Psychologist & Therapist)

“What Jean-René does is to bring back the vivid and vital energy in this rigide and structured society.”

Larry Sacharow (Head Art Department Fordham University / NYC)

“The Class given by Jean-René was so amazing that the students could never stop talking about it. He just told them what they needed to hear and they feel eternally grateful for that.”

Vernice Miller (artist, ALATetc artistic Director / NYC)

“Jean-René's work is not centered on making pretty voices nor is it simply training for artists. It is instead a deeply personal work on accessing more of oneself, through the voice. It is work for everyone.”

Quinn Beauridel (Co-founder and Co-Artistic Director of Pig Iron Theatre and Director of the Advanced Training Performance Theatre School - Philadelphia)

Jean-Rene Toussaint is a master theatre teacher.  I rarely use this word but Jean-Rene awakens his students' souls.  After studying with him they are sensitive, almost like animals, to a full experience of life in all its colors, nuances and beauties.  Though the work starts and ends with the voice, it is, for me, primarily about experiencing greater and greater degrees of freedom, personally and artistically.  His students are transformed by his classes.  After working with Jean-Rene for 2 years at the Pig Iron School, I saw our students mature, awaken, dare to assert themselves, risk everything onstage and draw audiences in to corners of human experience that are often hidden or ignored.  Jean-Rene was instrumental in pushing each student to the edges of themselves, yielding artists of great depth.  He is a one-of-a-kind in a world of far too many duplicates”

Blanka Zizka (Artistic Director of the Wilma Theatre - Philadelphia)

”The physical and vocal exercises Jean-René Toussaint brings to rehearsal focus actors on listening to each other, discovering the imagination of the body rather than merely of the mind. Jean-René’s work enables actors’ voices to move fluidly through various resonators of the body, connecting to physical movement and emotion.


Actors exposed to Jean-René quickly become aware of each other, creating immediate connections. They work together as a collaborative collective. They become brave in their imagination and are not afraid of improvisation and experimentation. The work is very helpful in creating a company, as has been my experience directing Our Class, Angels in America and Under the Whaleback. Jean-René is now working with a company of actors developing Paula Vogel's new play, Don Juan Comes Home from Iraq.”

Chan Chu-hei (Artistic Director - Theatre Horizon / Hong Kong): "Jean-Rene Toussaint is the best voice teacher I have ever encountered. His method not only enables the student to understand the relationship between the voice and the body, but more importantly, it lets the student finding the uniqueness of his own voice, so that the repressed emotions can be fully expressed through the voice.”


- "It should be required attendance for all playwrights, actors, singers, humans and especially, as someone in my class said, all world leaders. It is truly an uplifting and powerful experience, and Jean-René is a delightful, intelligent and intuitive teacher.

I cannot overstate the pleasure and growth we all experienced in the class."

- "It was very surprising to me what I started to re-member in my body. Hard to even articulate. I felt a kind of waking up like a tremor that starts way, way deep in the earth and it slowly moves out and up layer by layer. Nothing that can really be seen on the surface and this is good for me. In any case, enormous thank you.”

“The experience has had great resonance for me, in many ways but especially in the feeling of relaxed empowerment and centering that I've carried away.”  

“For years I have been battling tension in my throat and its effect on diminishing the flow of intent and overall experience of my characters, as if the shape and impact of the character was determined by how I manipulated the flow of vibrations. I really need to continue working on the vertical voice, because with it will come such an experience of genuineness, wholeness and presence that I've been seeking forever. I'm going to be doing Glengarry Glen Ross at the Lyric this spring and cannot wait to explore my character incorporating this new vocal awareness.” 

- "It was really a transforming experience. I've been using the ‘let the students/audience take it from you’ approach this week and it has been very rewarding.”

- "This work sparks so much in my own pedagogy, but in really fresh and insightful ways.  I don't mean that I do what he does in my teaching. I mean it makes me think of my philosophy of teaching in some very profound ways."

- "May I add my two cents to the Jean René Toussaint work? I did the October workshop and truly, have never experienced anything like it. It's profoundly beautiful, powerful, healing.  Jean-René says, "The voice is the sound the body makes." It's just amazing work. And not just for actors. We were hoping all our world leaders would do it as well.  Please do yourselves the honor."

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